Victor Wong SS19 Fashion Report

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R+Co Global Artist, Jason Hall was backstage at the Victor Wong show at London Fashion week, where he created beautiful waterfall-esque hair to compliment the gorgeous thought provoking collection.

See how to create the stunning catwalk look below:

Hair: R+Co Global Artist, Jason Hall

Designer Inspiration:

Women and beauty inspire Victor Wong’s debut LFW collection. The aptly named ‘Venus 2028’, the goddess of beauty, celebrates how women and beauty can be emotional, soft and delicate but also powerful, strong and thought provoking. The collection of eyewear is fun and has a modern street style character with historical and mythical references at its core.

Hair Inspiration:

Taking inspiration from the modern street style references, the hair was created to appear like a surge, similar to a waterfall, how the hair would be smooth and fluid to then downward pour to drier ends - the perfect backdrop to the designer’s collection. Amped up shine with modern appeal.

  1. Begin by applying R+Co ONE Prep Spray, and blow-dry the hair smooth.
  2. At the nape of the neck, slick all the hair back using a combination of R+Co WATERFALL Moisture Lotion and R+Co MOTORCYCLE Flexible Hold Gel. Leave the remaining hair untouched.
  3. Secure hair firmly in a hair net and defuse dry.
  4. Create airy texture using R+Co SPIRITUALIZED Dry Shampoo Mist on the longer length hair.
  5. Final touch, spray R+Co NEON LIGHTS Dry Oil Spray for the ultimate runway shine.

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