Vivienne Hu: Autumn / Winter 15

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Hu’s collection was the perfect combination of formal office wear and striking eveningwear. As the models strutted in a perfectly choreographed manner, the busy runway looked like a scene right off of Wall Street.

Designed to dress bold and charming, Hu empowers women to embrace their individuality at the workplace. This collection was created for a girl in total control, like Hu herself, and the style perfectly matches that of a strong New Yorker.

Session Stylist: Matthew Curtis

Collection Inspiration: Created for the independent woman. The collection was composed from a minimalist colour palette and featured geometric patterns, cut-outs, collar piping, lamb fur, tulle, suede, leather and quilted fabric.

Hair Inspiration: A wet slick look. We wanted to create a minimalistic and effortless look to complement the strong shapes in the collection and bold grungy eyes. The hair has been pulled off the face for an effortlessly un-kept and wearable feel.

Kit Bag Essential: Volumising mousse and serum, or a hair oil to give that wet look.


1. Massage volumising mousse to the roots and top of the hair to create a rough feel.

2. Blow-dry hair using a nozzle, working hair through fingers to remove any fluffiness and create a loose texture.

3. Use a pin tail comb and divide the hair into three sections, above the temples and below the tops of the ear.

4. Apply a small amount of mousse to the central section for extra control and pull into a pony at the back of the head, secure tightly with elastic.

5. Press pony flat to the scalp and refasten with elastic to create a streamlined effect.

6. Let the very top section flow over the pony so it is hidden. Secure hair with bobby pins.

7. To get the slick, wet look, apply a serum or hair oil generously to hands and run through the mid-lengths and ends. Tip: For hair that is thick and/or frizzy, smooth with flat irons before styling.

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