What’s the Deal with Silk Pillowcases?

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You hear it often: the advice that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is good for both skin and hair, but is this true and why does it make a difference?

The biggest benefit you get from a silk pillowcase is glide, unlike friction from their cotton cousins. Silk glides against your skin and hair, even if you toss and turn all night. Cotton pillowcases can cause a creased effect on the skin due to constant traction and friction. Even better than that is when you sleep on a silk pillowcase you help to retain moisture in both your hair and skin, which means smoother skin and less tangled hair. Win, win!

When choosing a silk pillowcase, it is best to stick with 100% silk. That said, for a more affordable option, you could opt for a satin version. You can even start with a satin pillowcase to test out the texture and feel and invest in a silk pillowcase when you are ready.

So, whether you are trying to preserve your blow-dry, maintain your braids, or prevent fine lines and wrinkles, one of the easiest steps you can take is to swap your cotton case for silk. There are plenty to choose from that work with all budgets and lifestyles. So, read on for the best silk pillowcases to shop right now…

L-R: The White Company Silk Beauty Pillowcase for Skin and Hair (£60), Slip Silk Pillowcase (£68), Kitsch Satin Pillowcase (£14.99)

L-R: Jasmine Silk Silk Pillowcase with Cotton Underside (£15), Boucleme Silk Pillowcase (£29), Balmain Hair Couture Mulberry Silk Pillowcase (£82)

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