Why SPF is a Must-Have for Anti-Ageing

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With the Queen spotted back out and about this week, besides the exciting Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we can only notice how great her skin looks at 96 years old!

Continuing to look so youthful, we can only assume that the Queen is sun-safe, using an SPF to help slow down the skin's ageing process. UV rays from the sun are a huge contributing factor to ageing skin – meaning any anti-ageing skincare routine must imperatively include the daily application of SPF.

Please see below a round-up of the best SPFs to help you look as good as Her Majesty at 96!


Whether exploring the great outdoors or shielding yourself from the effects of city living, keeping it protected and healthy calls for an effective, uncomplicated sunscreen formula. This clean, mineral SPF 30 sunscreen absorbs instantly, and is residue-free for immediate, water-resistant protection and hydration. This broad-spectrum formula helps defend against harmful UVA and UVB rays and environmental aggressors with ingredients that help to brighten and replenish the skin.

Suffer with redness / rosacea? Try…


Rosalique is a multi-purpose must-have for anyone experiencing redness and sensitivity during and post sun-exposure, as it not only conceals the skin, but protects the skin and treat’s sensitivity long-term. It has a five-star rated broad spectrum SPF 50 which makes it an essential for protecting against redness and rosacea triggered by the sun. It’s luminous green formula with micro-encapsulated technology quickly adapts to the skin’s natural tone and naturally conceals redness and irritation on the skin without further aggravation. All whilst harnessing natural and vitamin rich ingredients to heal the skin long-term, including bisabolol, zeolite, urea, and shea butter to calm and nourish sensitive skin.

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