Why You Should Be Exfoliating Your Scalp

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A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair. Here, Creative Director for Centred, Kieran Tudor shares his tips for a healthy scalp.

Our scalp is an extension of our skin, yet it is often overlooked when it comes to haircare. Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it should go untouched! The scalp is the base from which our hair grows - imagine it as a flower bed, without well-nourished soil, beautiful flowers will struggle to flourish. Ultimately, poor scalp health can affect the strength, quality, and rate of hair growth.

A regular exfoliating scalp treatment will help remove any dead skin and product build up from the hair follicles, unclog pores, stimulate blood flow and nourish the skin for a healthier, more balanced scalp and fortified hair. - Kieran Tudor

Centred. En-Root Scalp Treatment (£36/100ml, wearecentred.com)
  • A deeply nourishing blend of Olive, Argan and Hemp Oils replenish moisture to dry brittle hair, whilst exfoliating the scalp from product build up and dead skin cells
  • A blend of Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles maximizing hair growth potential
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil provides powerful antifungal and antiseptic properties to deeply cleanse
  • Apply directly to a dry scalp and leave for 20 minutes - 2 hours before rinsing
  • Cruelty-free, natural and vegan

Use your En-Root Scalp Treatment once a week and incorporate a scalp massage. Massaging the scalp provides a further exfoliation, stimulates circulation, and helps to relieve tension. Start at the neck area and use the palms and finger tips to apply pressure and slow circles as you work up the head to the forehead, down the sides to the temples and then back around the ears to the neck area again. Keep the tempo slow with a decent amount of pressure. Repeat the pattern 3 or more times, it should last a minimum of 5 minutes to gain the benefits. - Kieran Tudor


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