Wigs: A Successful First Visit

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Are you considering buying your first wig but are unsure of what this might entail? We asked wig specialists, Morgan’s Hair, Beauty and Wigs what an individual might expect on their first visit to a salon in order to purchase and be fitted for a wig…

Today we had a visit from a lady who has been wearing wigs for 34 years. After her initial consultation, we discovered that despite wearing wigs for many years, this client had never been to a wig salon before. People choose to buy wigs online for many reasons such as being too busy or feeling embarrassed to come into the salon. At Morgan’s we believe it is crucial that you can see the wig you’re buying in person. As with anything, you never quite know the quality of an online product simply through looking at pictures.

When this lady walked through our salon doors, we could see that the wig she was wearing wasn’t the best fit for her. We believe that every wig needs to be customised to the person wearing it. We never overload our customers with too much choice. Instead, we pride ourselves in being able to choose a selection of wigs that will suit a particular client. This is something we pride ourselves in, and most of the time the first wig our client tries on is the one they go for.

This service is flexible and allows our clients to try on a wide range of different styles and looks. Some wigs are far too thick, meaning we need to tweak it and take some fibres away. Other times, we might need to style the wig by cutting the fringe or trimming the sides. In this lady’s case, we ensured that her new wigs suited her face shape. We also opted for a shorter style, incorporating some lighter tones that introduced some warmth and definition.

This lady left our salon a very happy customer, with two new wigs in tow. Both wigs were within her £100 budget. Another thing that is important to us at Morgan’s is offering services that are within everyone’s price range. As a family run business, we pride ourselves in the superb service we provide. We offer a warm, friendly and welcoming salon across all of our locations.

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