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Everybody loves the sunshine – that little ray of Vitamin D that makes you feel fantastic and everything in the world seem wonderful.

But when you’re slathering on the sun cream in an effort to protect your skin and get that glorious summer glow, you need to remember that it’s just as important to protect your hair.

Did you know that sunlight can weaken the hair’s protein structure which means dry, brittle hair? The UVA and UVB radiation both play a role in damage of the hair. The UVB penetrates the hair cuticle resulting in loss of natural hair colour, and the tensile strength and exposure to UVA can cause significant reduction in the vibrancy and colour depth of artificially coloured hair.

Other damaging factors to the hair in the summer can be from free radicals from salt and chlorine when swimming in the sea or pool. These can cause the hair to feel dry, coarse and dull.

The scalp can also become affected and become dry or flaky, especially if the scalp has become exposed to the sun.

Schwarzkopf’s sun protection products provide triple protection:

1. Against UVA and UVB rays
2. Against free radicals
3. Against colour fade

  • Monoï Oil de Tahiti nourishes and soothes sun damaged hair whilst also providing shine
  • Anti-oxidant Vitamin E fights against ageing free radicals caused by the sun and environmental factors
  • Colour Fade Protection from UV filters helps keep the vibrancy of colour treated hair and natural hair pigments
  • Amino Cell Rebuild Technology penetrates deeply into the hair, repairing the inner structure from within
  • The sun protect shampoo clarifies the hair of salt, sand and chlorine residues and rebalances and soothes the hair and scalp
Schwarzkopf’s top tips:
  • Always wash and shampoo the hair after a day of swimming in the pool. This gets rid of the harmful effects of chlorine which can build up on the hair and cause problems to natural and colour treated hair i.e. hair turning greenish, hair breakage and damage!
  • If you’re a sun worshipper why not apply a spray conditioner or shimmer oil spray throughout the day, similar to how you would apply sun cream. This helps ‘top up’ the sun protection on the hair.
  • A lightweight conditioning treatment is the perfect indulgence for the hair after a long day in the sun. Apply to towel-dried hair and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. Not only will sun stressed hair be rehydrated and nourished, your hair will be shiny and soft, ready for the evening!
Schwarzkopf has your summer hair kit sorted!

BC SUN Protect: Triple protection

With BC Sun Protect, hair is instantly detangled, rehydrated and made more manageable. The haircare range gives triple sun protection and in-depth after-sun reconstruction with an amazing glamour appeal! The UV filter protects the hair from colour fading* and anti-oxidants combat free radicals which would otherwise harm the hair, especially during exposure to the sun.

BC Sun Protect offers a perfectly balanced combination of active ingredients that protect and repair sun-stressed hair and scalp. BC Sun Protect combines a UV filter and Monoï Oil with Vitamin E, and the Amino Cell Rebuild Technology. This way, the damaged hair structure is rebuilt from the inside, and the hair is protected from further stress.

The waterproof Shimmer Oil with shine particles protects the hair during swimming and water-sports and gives the hair a glittering, sun-kissed look. An intense after-sun care regime promotes healthy-looking hair and shine, while moisturising the hair after sun exposure. The non-overburdening formulations are suitable for all hair types and daily use.

BC Sun Protect Travel Set, 3x100 ml (RRP £15.95/ €19.95)

A complete triple sun protection therapy with UV-defence, free radical defence and colour fade prevention. Contains 100 ml units of BC Sun Protect Shampoo, Spray Conditioner and Shimmer Oil. The set comes in a stylish shimmery bikini bag and lets you enjoy beautifully groomed, well-protected summer hair during your holidays, while saving space in your suitcase.

*does not apply to colour fading due to sun exposure

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