Zandra Rhodes Jubilee Collection

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The House of Zandra Rhodes has unveiled Zandra’s Jubilee Collection for SS20. The campaign features the ‘original’ and the ‘new’ Zandra Rhodes woman - Jan de Villeneuve and Pixie Geldof - as well as icon Zandra Rhodes herself.

The hair was created by session stylist, James Oxley using Fudge Professional, and had a fun, fresh, Studio 54 inspired look, with a nod to Grace Coddington and big-haired icons. A wind machine was used to whip hair into the shapes of the silhouettes featured throughout the collection.

Get Pixie Geldof's Look:
  1. Start with fresh, clean hair, shampooed and conditioned using Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo (£14.95) and Conditioner (£14.95) duo for a cool, bright blonde and healthy lustre.
  2. Apply Fudge Professional Salt Spray (£14.95) throughout towel-dried lengths to add grit and texture, then blow-dry whilst keeping as much movement at the root as possible.
  3. Working through section-by-section, spray the hair with Fudge Professional Skyscraper (£11.95) hairspray before crimping the lengths. Tease the hair to frizz out the crimp.
  4. Once all sections are crimped and teased, take a dressing out brush and fluff up the hair, working outwards from the root and applying Fudge Professional Dry Shampoo (£12.95) as you go. A light dusting of Fudge Professional Elevate Powder will also help to aerate and expand the hair.
  5. Finish with a blast of Fudge Professional Think Big Texture Spray (£10.95) to add guts, hold the shape and mattify the hair for a powdery finish.
  6. Accessorise with coloured wefts of hair – in Zandra Rhodes’ signature pink – then add a wind machine!

Photography: Richard Dowker

You can buy Fudge Professional in your local Fudge Professional hair salon, or online at

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