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Embrace the Grey

What is it that makes us scream in horror at the sight of a fresh grey strand; running off to the salon for an instant colour to disguise those silver frauds? Is it because we fear ageing, is it because society tells us we need to look a certain way in order to be beautiful, or do we fear that with natural grey hair we will look old and unattractive, and so it’s all down hill from here?

Let us assure you that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with grey hair or embracing the natural change that’s occurring with your appearance. In fact, more and more women are now embracing their transition to grey – whatever their age – and none of them look bad or old!

As pigmentation ceases within our hair, this is when we start to notice the appearance of grey, silver-like strands. Around your 30s is when this usually starts to take place, but with nature there are no hard and fast rules, and so it is not uncommon for young women in their teens and 20s to notice grey hairs. By the time we reach our 50s, we can expect to be around 50% grey – if not more. Sometimes, and especially for those with dark hair, the fight against going grey can be tiresome and expensive.

If you are thinking of embracing your natural hair colour for all its salt and pepper glory, then you are certainly not alone. Even model Chrissy Teigen recently tweeted that she loves her new grey streaks, as well as seeing actresses Katie Holmes and Jessica Biel walk the red carpet proudly showing off their natural grey strands. With Hollywood’s attitude towards grey shifting one strand at a time, it’s a great sign for women to no longer feel that they need to keep up with such unattainable standards and that is okay to just be you.

For endless inspiration on going grey, look no further than social media. Instagram accounts like @grombre are a celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair, where followers proudly show off their beautiful stages of transition. So, if you too are now in camp grey and want to go with your body’s natural flow, check out our tips on how to transition to grey with grace.

Enlist your colourist

You could just stop colouring your hair and go cold turkey, allowing your roots to grow in however they please. The issue here is that you often go grey over a long period, so there will be a salt and pepper root phase – not a look that everyone wants to deal with. With this in mind, get your colourist to keep your hair colour closest to your face light, keeping the hairline as light as your natural grey.

Play around with shades to find something that suits you, but keep the colour light and sparkling. Also, take note of your skin tone, as some tones work better with a violet or blue undertone. Working with the right tone will really make your eyes and features pop.

Enlist your stylist

If you are opting for the ‘cold turkey’ grow-out, we advise that you go for a good cut with your stylist to help cut away as much of the old colour as possible. This will make the growing out phase quicker and more bearable. The shorter you go the better; so don’t be afraid of your stylist’s scissors!

Enlist your accessories

Growing out any hair colour naturally can be a long, tedious and painful process, but it is often well worth it in the end. After all, nature certainly knows what colours and tones suit you best. To help disguise nasty looking roots in the beginning until things start to even out, use headbands or scarves. For any big important meetings or dates, try a wash out root concealer. There are plenty of these on the market to choose from, but one we love is Charles Worthington’s Instant Root Concealer Powder.

Enlist new haircare

When embracing your new grey tones there are certain products that will keep it looking and feeling its best. Use a clarifying shampoo to help keep the hair clean and to strip out any free radicals and impurities – all things that can make grey hair look dull. Also, invest in a silver shampoo to help neutralise any yellow and keep it vibrant and shiny. We highly recommend L’Oreal Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Shampoo.

Finally, you will notice as you go grey that the texture of your hair will change, although one texture is not the same for everyone. Grey hair can grow in quite coarse and wiry, or it can be soft. Either way, make sure you deep-condition your hair weekly using a good hydrating mask such as Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer. As well as a weekly treatment, use a serum too on a regular basis to keep your hair in good condition. Nexxus Youth Renewal Elixir is a fab product that helps tackle the signs of ageing hair.

Images: Sourced from Pinterest