Why is my hair thinning?

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Hi Doctors,

Firstly I am sorry for my horrible English! I am a 19 year old guy and I used to have very thick strong hair but lately I've noticed that my hair grows so thin and weak and I see that the ends are much thicker than the roots, why is this?

I hope you answer and thank you so much for your help,

Mohamed, Morocco

Hi Mohamed,

So sorry it took a while to answer your question regarding the loss and the thinning of your hair. To be absolutely sure that I give you the correct advice I consulted a well known trichologist who is a hair scientist, this is the answer he gave me,

This condition could be due to anything, ill health, poor diet, but most likely it’s the first signs of androgenic alopecia (common male hair loss). Probably a good idea if he consults his doctor.

I suggest you visit your doctor who can diagnose if your hair loss is due to your health. If your doctor says that this is not the case, then follow my suggestions below.   

I personally believe in "you are what you eat". There are several ways you can delay hair loss by eating the right foods. Certain vegetables and fruits are good for skin and hair, but using professional shampoos and conditioners will definitely help.

I research skin and hair health almost daily, here are two links I know of that may help you understand the foods you need to eat or not to eat. Eating the right mix of foods and keeping away from fatty foods will help keep you in good health.

Both Links make interesting reading and have been supported by various scientists which does give these reports substance. 
Hair: http://click.everyonesocial.com/social_view/2334/131003/5?n=3&u=2342&goback=%2Egde_2965183_member_278532029#%21
Skin: http://beautyhigh.com/foods-bad-for-your-skin/ 

I hope Mohamed that this helps you, but do remember whatever the outcome from your doctor eating the right foods can help prolong a healthier head of hair and your life.

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester