Back to Business: Chantal Chambers of Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon

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Back to Business: Chantal Chambers of Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon

Social distancing is tricky for any salon to manoeuvre around, but how do you do it in a beauty environment when your hands are on your clients’ skin? We turned to Chantal Chambers of Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon to see how she is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and how she will guide her beauty business forward after lockdown…

Hi Chantal, are there any tips you can offer salon owners to help them get through this lockdown?

My advice to other salon owners is that communication is key with your clients and team. We are all making a conscious effort to keep in touch with clients by sending regular texts and social media posts. We are all in this together and must remain positive.

What measures can salon owners take now to ensure their salons are ready to reopen when the lockdown ends?

Plan, plan, plan.. Plan how you see your first 6 months and try and get as much information from other countries who are ahead of us. I have already started a ‘Back to Work’ action plan and will be putting measures in place to ensure health and safety is the number one priority for both team and clients.

What are the main changes that we will see initially when salons reopen?

I will be implementing screens on every nail station, and we will all be wearing PPE - gloves, masks, aprons etc.

Can you highlight the key areas upon which salons need to focus when they reopen to ensure the business will thrive?

Hygiene is a huge change that we will be enforcing in-salon. We will be allowing at least 15/20 minutes between each client for a full wipe down of areas and so we can dispose of tools and get new ones out, change our gloves and aprons etc.

How will you ensure staff are confident and as upbeat as possible when they return to the workplace?

Keeping in touch with the team by regular Skype calls and seeing how everyone is and giving them an update. It's nice to see what everyone is doing and it allows everyone to feel that they are not on their own and keep the team sprit. I am already having screens bespoke made to ensure safety for the girls, I am also looking into extraction units for every station too. I want to protect the scratch team as much as possible and likewise for the clients. We want to ensure everyone’s safety and make the clients feel safe.

What lessons has the lockdown taught you, and are there things you will now do differently when it comes to running your business?

Understanding the importance of friendships and socialising with people, and not to take it for granted. 

How do you plan to cope with the deluge of clients wanting to get booked in when salons reopen?

To stagger bookings and foot fall in-salon. Possibly opening more hours and spreading the team out over seven days so there is limited numbers of clients in-salon at one time. This needs to be kept reduced and controlled with COVID-19.

If there was one thing that you would have done differently in retrospect (knowing what we do now) that would have helped you weather this storm, what would that have been?

I feel I followed government guidelines and I could not have done anymore in the situation that I was faced with. It has been a rollercoaster! Not only did I have to close my salon on the 23rd March, I also have just had a baby boy (3.4.20. Louis William). Not how I had planned my maternity leave, but we are all safe and well and that is the main thing.