Nine Fast Salon Marketing Strategies

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Nine Fast Salon Marketing Strategies

Award-winning salon owner Caroline Sanderson heads up the Salon Jedi Coaching Academy, and as part of her £100k pledge to support salons during lockdown, Caroline is offering her NEW M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code (RRP £297 for the course) completely FREE for 336 salon owners across the world to help them navigate through the current climate.

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Below, Caroline gives us her nine Fast Salon Marketing Strategies that she used to help get 398% growth during the last recession…

I have always been a fan of free (or nearly free) salon marketing, as I had no choice but to use these when my salon almost closed its doors during the last recession. Now my doors are closed I will be using these again and I have been sharing these with my Salon Jedi Students. – Caroline Sanderson

1. Referrals

Getting your best customers to send you more customers like them. People hang with people like them so asking for referrals from your best customers is gold. Reward BOTH the referee and the referrer with the same incentive.

2. Joint Ventures

Where in your local community are your ideal customers? Look for busy workplaces, restaurants, other services your clients are likely to have e.g. if you are hair can you team with a beauty salon and visa versa. What local businesses have mass followings online that you can tap into? Think of creative ways you can joint venture locally. We have teamed with flower shops, wedding shops, restaurants, nightclubs and have had pop-ups in shops. The key is approaching the business with WIIFM rules. They want to know what’s in it for them.

3. Up Serve (upsell)

Getting your existing customers to buy more is free. Finding new clients is ten times more expensive! IF we up serve our clients on the day offering treatments and package bundles and reasons to buy in advance, we increase the average bill. If we have 100 clients and we increase their average bill by £5 with add-ons we have just made an extra £500.

4. Social Media

It’s free, but you need to think out of the box e.g. creating a GROUP community for your clients on Facebook means they will see your notifications, whereas posting on your Facebook business page means only around 1.5% of your page likes will see the message. Think of which platform is the place where your ideal clients hang out and be there. For example, if you want premium clients like managers and CEOs of companies, think LinkedIn, not TikTok.

5. Emails

Don’t be scared to email your list and if you don’t have one NOW is the time to make this a priority in your business. We have been emailing clients during lockdown, sending tips and even making money through online sales. This is because we have a large list of over 4000 clients who choose to hear from us through our newsletter.

6. Auto Responders

You can gather opt-ins (leads) from your salon website offering them a lead magnet like a welcome voucher or a solution to a problem they have, e.g. a one-page report on skin care or hair care during lock down. If you have an autoresponder like Mail Chimp you can automate emails to those who opt in for your lead magnet and you can build a relationship and funnel them into becoming a client. Send them value in the welcome gift so you can encourage bookings. It saves a lot of time setting up automated marketing.

7. PR

Can you get yourself in the local paper and get some FREE PR? I was recently in my local paper for pledging £100,000 in FREE Salon Jedi training during lookdown to help salon owners. I use a PR agency, but if you can you think of a newsworthy story and approach your press yourself then you’ve found a free way to get seen. I’ve also been a guest on a few podcasts – be available to give your time to reach a larger audience.

8. Events

These are one of my favourite! Think about hosting client appreciation events, shopping nights, and new service release nights which you can promote via Facebook Events. Even when it’s not a live event e.g. if I am hosting a sale or new package release, I will always use a Facebook Event as Facebook prioritise events over a business page post, so they are more likely to share your event organically on the platform.


Giving things away for free is a great way of building your business. Who doesn’t like free – it’s one of the most powerful marketing words. So rather than saying 25% off your first colour how about trying FREE HAIRDRESSING - Book your (xyz) with us and get xyz FREE. If might be they get a free blow-dry with their first colour or free treatment or product. Or for beauty a free mini mani when they book a pedicure. If you are just starting out, you can even give full services away for free as you are confident you can then up serve on the day and rebook.

These are just nine of a host of free and almost free marketing strategies I used to grow 398% during the last recession.

For more information on these 9 Strategies and for a 10th bonus strategy which is actually my favourite you can access my free web class here: