Stress Free Hair and Beauty Services

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Stress Free Hair and Beauty Services

We caught up with the fabulous Annique, founder of Brown Sugar Hair Salon at Silicon Oasis, Dubai, to talk about stress free hair and beauty services as we move forward from this pandemic...

As we begin to move forward in this pandemic, grappling with uncertainties and fears, the health and safety of ourselves and our clients still remain our top priority. In trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones, we try to rationalise what is safe to do and what’s not. This can bring about some levels of anxiety especially when life requires us to venture outside the safety of our homes. We at Brown Sugar totally understand this dilemma, as we too begin to find balance between normality and safety.

We want our clients to be aware that we have taken every opportunity to ensure that the salon is and will always be a safe environment. In other words, “A home away from home!” Our daily practice ensures no stones are left unturned as we thoroughly clean and sanitise every area before and after use. Mandatory temperature checks, the wearing of protective gear (gowns, face shields, masks etc.) the use of disposable/ single use items, deep cleaning and safe distancing, are just some of the many things we do repeatedly to reassure our clients that their safety is of paramount importance. Getting the high standard of service you require without the unwanted anxiety is now our major focus. After all, beauty should never be stressful!

We are also aware of the negative impact this pandemic has had on the economy and has brought for some financial difficulties and limitations. Not to worry, as our ongoing combo packages that include a range of services are always available as a perfect cost saving option for all our clients. As summer approaches, the intense heat and humidity reminds us how important it is to take good care of our hair. Your stylist knows your hair best, and so regular visits to the salon will ensure that the health and beauty of your hair is always maintained.

As we now embark on this new way of being, let’s fight this together as we navigate responsibly. Rest assured, Brown Sugar will ensure your visits are extremely safe and stress free, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It is time to get back to our lives, and so at Brown Sugar we look forward to seeing you soon!

Love Brown Sugar Hair Salon x