The New Normal: Julian Straube

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The New Normal: Julian Straube

With the lockdown now lifted in Dubai, we wanted to catch-up with some of our Good Salon Guide UAE salon owners to see how they are dealing with salon life after lockdown.

Here, Julian Straube, founder of Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop, caught up with us to talk about the procedures the salon put in place in order to reopen:

Hi Julian, what measures do you have in place for the team and the client as the salon reopens?

To be fair, and not to take all the credit, we have to admit that the government has been great in terms of making things easy for us, as they had a very detailed guideline statement.
The obvious measures we have taken is to make sure the distancing is workable between the clients and barbers. For every client we sanitize the tools and the area in use and also switched to disposable materials for capes, towels, etc... We have enforced the guidelines for masks to be worn by staff and clients as well, so all in all we feel super safe and comfortable to operate.

What is barber life like after lockdown has eased?

The barbers life is still not back to normal because they only have a fraction of their usual work load. Unfortunately we are restricted in the number of services and since most offices are closed or semi closed, socialising and business events are at a standstill, we are struggling to fill the barbers schedule.

How are the clients responding to being able to return to the salon?

There was an interesting pattern of most of our clients storming to us on the first two days after a month of growing hair. We struggled to keep up with the ringing phone and online bookings. However it seems most clients have adjusted their schedules and their new normal is way less frequent than before, so from the 3rd day onwards we have been super quiet. A lot of clients are also a bit disappointed that not all services are available by law and anxious to see restrictions ease further. In the UAE beards are big business, so we hope to get back to taking care of that as soon as the circumstances allow.