The New Normal: Tara Kidd

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The New Normal: Tara Kidd

With the lockdown now lifted in Abu Dhabi, we wanted to catch-up with some of our Good Salon Guide UAE salon owners to see how they are dealing with salon life after lockdown.

Here, Tara Kidd founder of Tara Rose Hair and Beauty Salons in Khalifa City and Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi spoke of how she and her team are coping with the 'New Normal'...

Hi Tara, what is salon life like now your lockdown has eased and are your guidelines in the emirate of Abu Dhabi the same as Dubai?

Life has definitely changed after the lockdown - we found the first 2 weeks difficult since it's a new way of operating. We had to place new procedures, follow strict restrictions, and operate with only 1 stylist and 1 client per area to uphold social distancing.

Now we're into week 4, everything is a little bit more relaxed and we're feeling a lot better seeing familiar faces. There are still people who are worried, but we're very lucky to be a trusted salon with a great reputation as it's easier for us to invite them back. They know how much work has been implemented and the amount of effort we had to put into it to establish a safe and healthy environment.

We currently have the same restrictions as Dubai, such as allowing only 30% of staff to come in every day. The only thing that was different is we were never advised to close down, but we've made the decision to close down anyway because we couldn't secure everything that was going on and came back after 3 weeks.