Bonding Treatments

Bonding Treatments

Bonding treatments can be a bit of an enigma, so to help you understand them better, we have put together a quick rundown on what these bonding treatments can do for your hair.

In a nutshell, bonding treatments help to restore compromised hair, meaning it helps to keep your hair in optimum condition during a chemical service. Those incredible colours or vibrant blondes can damage the integrity of your hair, so bonding treatments can help prevent this damage and make the hair stronger, healthier, shinier, and help manage previous damage too.

As a bonding treatment, its job is to reform the bonds that make up the hair. These bonds are often damaged, fragmented, and shattered when over-bleaching or colouring the hair. We are sure you have all heard of Olaplex – arguably the most recognizable bonding brand - but almost all colour houses now have their own versions including Goldwell BondPro+, L’Oreal Smartbond, and Schwarzkopf Fibreplex.

But bonding treatments are not just for those who love the bleach. These treatments work great when using high-lift tints that push the hair to its maximum level of lift, or perhaps you love having your hair permed, or are a hot tool addict. Using a bonding treatment will help you see a huge difference to your hair.

Why not ask your stylist when you are next in the salon to see if your hair could benefit from a little extra bonding TLC?

Image credit: Hair Lounge, Chipping Norton using Olaplex