Business Help Videos

Business Help Videos

Sometimes it is just easier to explain things verbally than in text, which is why we have created short videos on some of the common questions we are being asked lately in order to help you run your salon business...


Current help available for England salons in lockdown

Good Salon Guide Director, Gareth Penn talks about the help available to salons in lockdown in England.



Changes to the UK government furlough scheme

Good Salon Guide Director, Gareth Penn talks about the coming changes to the UK government furlough scheme and what you can expect.


Clients who refuse to wear masks

We have received many calls lately regarding salon clients who are refusing to wear masks and where you stand on this as a salon owner. Good Salon Guide Director, Gareth Penn shares some thoughts on this subject and how to handle difficult clients.


NHS Track and Trace

A quick update on the NHS track and trace system, and will salons be forced to close should someone test positive?


Staff Member Refusing to Wear PPE

Have you had a staff member refuse to wear PPE whilst working in the salon? Our Director, Gareth Penn advises on the necessary action you need to take should this situation arise. If you need any more information or help on this, please do let us know.


Refusing to Return to Work

What to do if an employee is refusing to return to work after lockdown

Flexible Furlough

How and when can you take your employees of furlough, and possibly re-furlough them again...


Redundancy and furloughed staff

We've had a few questions regarding making staff redundant whilst they are furloughed. Our director, Gareth Penn, answers this question for you in our latest video...