Fit For Salon

Fit For Salon

Fit For Salon is a series of seven short videos sharing information of how we can all get our minds on track, feel more confident, strengthen our immune systems, and gain some routine back into our lives ahead of reopening our salons and returning to work.

Joanne Gilder of Gilded Hair has created each video in a fun way to help guide you in the right direction for support and drive in taking the next big step to heading back into our creative worlds.

We are taking a look in to how nutrition can help strengthen our immune systems. How getting back into a daily routine is good for our minds, visiting apps that will help calm down our thoughts and help us take a deep breath, also how to look out for others, what are the first signs that someone may be struggling.

Yoga, exercise and meditation, strengthening our cores, stretching out our spines, after time sat down we need to strengthen our postures and get walking, as our legs need building back up that’s for sure!


Introducing Jo Gilder of Gilded Hair

Since I was a little girl, I loved hair and all that it stands for, hair is everyone’s crowning glory, individual style and fashion trends. The never ending development in technical creativity is something I truly admire.

I believe that hair salons along with beauty salons and barber shops bring something special into the heart of every community.

I had the pleasure of opening my own salon six years ago and I chose to work with each and every stylist not just in sharing my knowledge and educating them in hair, but also working alongside them in personal development, mentally and physically.

Each and everyone of us is unique in our way. We are delicate, creative, vulnerable and excitable human beings - that need love, care and attention.

As a salon mentor to all my team, I take great care in helping each and everyone of my team grow, mentally and physically. Growth, concentration, life skills and development is crucial in their own self accomplishment and salon functionality.

I have found this empowered my team and bought us closer together as a team, honesty is the best policy, wether it be personally or creatively.

With the reopening of your businesses happening in the not so distant future, There is not one of us that hasn’t been affected in one way or another and I would like to think this is a time to rejoice in the fact that after months of being apart from our team, we all need rebuilding mentally and physically to get back on track.

So with a bit of fun, love, passion and some information from the right people, FIT FOR SALON campaign has been launched to help us all see the signs and strengthen our amazing bodies in preparation for us to get back to our salons with confidence.