Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Looking for some marketing ideas to help give your salon an edge over its competitors? Check out our quick fire tips below…

Make the most out of your social media

Just because there is a plethora of social media platform to choose from, doesn’t mean you need to be on all of them. Do a little research and see where your clients mostly hang out and which feels more comfortable to you. You can even use each platform in a different way. For example, Twitter for customer service, and Instagram to showcase your salon’s stunning work.

Client reviews and word of mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and one that should not be overlooked. Client referrals is a great marketing tool and one where you can offer an incentive to others referring a friend. A little freebie on their next visit or money off their next service.


Blogging is a great cost-effective marketing tool for your business. When done right, and with great content, a blog can help boost your website’s SEO, and therefore convert readers into clients. Well written content can also boost your salons authority in your industry by creating trust and confidence in what you do. If you are going to create a blog, remember to post consistently with high-quality articles.

Client clinics and webinars

Setting up a client clinic/webinar is a great way to offer a freebie while establishing your expertise. Select a topic that you know your clients will be interested in and will be of value to them, and then give them useful and relevant information that will help them out. This can be anything from how to do a good blow-dry at home between appointments, how to create some simple up-styles, or even a clinic on hair health. Your client clinics can be done via a Facebook or Instagram live, or even a pre-recoded video or Zoom webinar.

Client loyalty

Yes, new clients are important, but your current clients are equally, if not more, important. Therefore, a loyalty program can be so beneficial, as it shows some appreciation. Clients simply collect stamps on a card after every visit, and then you can get creative and think up cool ways to reward them. Maybe a free unique gift, money off their next service, a magazine subscription, vouchers for another local shop that you team up with, a bottle of wine – the possibilities are endless!


Here is where you can really utilize your social media, by running your competition on one of your platforms. Use the competition to grow your audience by making the rules to like, comment, and share your post. A very easy (and cheap) way to build your audience.

Team up with others

Team up with other local businesses to offer discounts, vouchers, or even an in-salon menu service with a local café for your clients. If you both market your deals and discounts on your individual accounts, then you will be introduced to a whole new audience. Win-win for both of you.

Client of the month

This is a great way to reward clients while boosting your online presence. A client of the month campaign can offer an incentive such as a free/discounted service, a gift, or free products. The prize does not have to be huge – just enticing.

Produce a free download

A free download is a good option if your business is service-related. Create something valuable, such as hints and tips related to your industry, a useful tool, a video containing interesting data, an eBook or guidebook – you get the idea. The key is to make it interesting, relevant and above all useful.

Get your SEO up to scratch

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a fancy way of saying; making your website look good for Google and easy to navigate for your customer! Having your content formatted in a search engine friendly way will help drive traffic to your website. This is an important marketing strategy for small businesses. Also, make sure your website is optimized for mobile.


Try experimenting with social media ads. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram all allow brands to advertise, so it is just a case of seeing which would work best for you.

Use your great reviews

Using your client reviews is a great way to tell potential customers why you are so great. You can then use their testimonials in social media posts, blog posts, even as a feature on your product’s landing page. There are loads of options, and you are not limited to using them just once, so make sure you implement them into your content marketing plan.

Donate time or services to nonprofits

People support brands that they believe in. Moral- and ethical-focused missions for brands are highly valued, so this is a good way to set yourself apart and brand yourself as an ethical, compassionate business.