Planning to Reopen

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Planning to Reopen

We think it's worth you start to think about when the salon will reopen now, as we will probably get very little notice from the government that it will happen (possibly ‘you can open tomorrow’, otherwise if we were told ‘you can open a week Tuesday’ people would start to drift back).

We don’t know the ‘terms’ of the restarting of business (i.e. we're allowed out but social distancing is still encouraged perhaps), however unless told otherwise, our business advice is to open as soon as possible to stop clients wandering to a salon that has opened. We may be left to make decisions on our own around the health of staff and clients.

We know that there will be a pent up demand for hair services, including quite a few colour corrections no doubt, so make sure you're well equipped to get back down to business as soon as possible.

Things to start thinking about:
  • Even though you are not open, don’t stop marketing! Clients are thinking of their next salon visit, so make sure they think of you. Perhaps you could split the clients up and ask the team to call them to see if they need any home hair care tips or suggestions, as well as reassurance that you’ll be opening as soon as possible.
  • Can you contact any urgent/favourite clients out of hours to get them booked in the first day? Social media can be great for this. Start taking pre-bookings now that will be confirmed by SMS/Messenger as soon as an open date is announced. This means you don’t rush back to an empty salon.
  • Be aware of scalp tests/strand tests. Depending on how long it is until you can see the client again, you may need to think about holding a ‘testing’ day as soon as allowed to do so.
  • Take the money! Are you aware of all of the government grants and support on offer? If there is something that will help, make sure you are taking advantage of it. You can read all the details on these and download our fact sheets here.
  • Make sure you know how to contact all of your staff and that everyone is ‘good to go’. Have you got a staff WhatsApp group? If not they are a great way to stay in touch.
  • Cleanliness will remain key once you reopen so make sure you have a decent stock of cleaning products and an agreed, enhanced cleaning rota.
  • Do you have enough stock for a busy few days/week before deliveries?
  • Do you need to turn heating/hot water back on?
  • Towels? Where are they? Are they all clean?
  • You may want to consider paying staff weekly to start with, as this will help both yours and their cashflow.