Quick Fire Lockdown Tips

Quick Fire Lockdown Tips

Quick fire tips and ideas for now and post-lockdown to help your salon back on its feet...

Retail and Vouchers

Whilst we are in lockdown, you can still sell retail products and vouchers. Although instead of click and collect - which is not always allowed due to the change in restrictions and rising cases, we would recommend you post products to your clients.

Email and Socials

Many salons may feel helpless and unsure of how to engage with clients, but now is not the time to fall silent. Make sure you stay in regular contact with your clients, this can be from a simple ‘hello’, to hair tips and tricks, and in-salon promotions for when you reopen. If you have a website, make sure this is fully updated too.

It is also a great idea to email your clients and let them know everything you have in place ready for their safe return. You can also ask them if they have any concerns so that they can be addressed before their visit.

Be Prepared for Post-Lockdown

Once lockdown is lifted, no doubt there will be an almighty rush for clients to get back into the salon. Again, communication is key here, so make sure you have a cancellation system in place so clients on your waiting list who want to come in asap can be contacted and booked in. Make sure your salon retail is stocked too for those clients who did not order online with you. Their favourite shampoo may just run out as lockdown is lifted. And finally, continue your consistent communication with your clients, so you can keep them notified of any last-minute curve balls we know the government just loves to throw!

Staff Training

Make sure your team are up to date on all the salon guidelines and what is expected of them once you are up and running again. Also make sure your company handbooks and risk assessments are all up to date and in accordance with the latest government advice.


We are sure you are all dab hands at hygiene in the salon by now, but make sure all the team is trained in your salon’s hygiene standards and that they know what is expected of them. Keep on top of your salon cleaning and equipment sanitization.

Mental Health First Aid

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on people’s mental health and wellbeing, and so it is important as a salon owner that you keep an eye on your employees. At Good Salon Guide, we are now officially trained under Mental Health First Aid England to carry out training on mental health and qualify others as mental health first aiders. Our online course will help you spot the signs of stress, anxiety or other mental health issues among your staff and clients.

This is a great opportunity for salons to make one or two team members mental health first aiders, so that they can deal with the issues and point them to the right professional help. To find out more on our course, click here.