Social Media Tips During Lockdown

Social Media Tips During Lockdown

Even with so much uncertainty in the world at this current time due to the Coronavirus, it is essential to keep up strong communication through your relevant social media channels. Due to so many people working from home, you will find that existing clients and potential new clients are checking out your social media more than ever.

We asked Phil Collins from HairUncut on what salons should be doing and focussing on right now when it comes to their social media channels:

Take a deeper look at your current social media platforms

Due to the current situation we have more time to take a closer look at our social media platforms. Some things to consider:

  • Are you happy with your feed and how it looks?
  • Look closely at your followers and who you are following. It is essential to be following your clients and for them to follow you back.
  • Is it time to consider unfollowing accounts that are a complete waste of time and are not engaging with your brand in any way?
  • Look closely at your hashtags: Think about:
    • Are you using the right hashtags?
    • Are you using enough hashtags?
    • Are you researching, local, relevant hashtags to your business?
    • Are you changing the hashtags you use as often as you would like?
Be creative with your content

Being creative is what we excel at and enjoy, and your clients love you dearly for it! Your clients are missing you as much as you are missing them, so do not be afraid to tell them.

Hair Tutorials

These can be fun and as videos very engaging, it is important to remember these can be quite raw and where applicable use a little humour. We are all suffering in different ways so bringing a smile to your audience’s face can only be a good thing. Always make a plan with social media, think about the kind of content your clients would like to see on your social media platforms. For example:

  • How to wash the hair effectively
  • How to give yourself the perfect head massage
  • How to blow-dry your hair effectively (talk about tools and the importance of using a nozzle and sectioning)
  • How to create curls/waves with straightening irons
  • How to plait your children’s hair
Memes & Quotes

Posting memes or perhaps motivational/inspirational quotes on your feeds is very effective. It is a great way of gently engaging your audience with how you and your team are feeling and relevant messaging to your clients.

Stories, Stories, Stories!!

Instagram and your clients love stories, they are a quick and easy way to communicate with your audience, so create them as often as you can!

Your clients LOVE you so do not be afraid to ask them to help YOU!

Every business needs amazing reviews, especially on Google. Do not be afraid using simple messaging to ask your clients to write you a review.

Ask your clients to share your Facebook page and invite their friends to like and share it

Possible cash generation

If you are in a position to do so, don’t be afraid to continue to promote your retail lines with a view to posting your clients go to hair products that they would normally be purchasing if you were trading. Not only will it give you a source of income, it will show your clients you care and that you are thinking of them. To help with cash flow many salons are selling gift vouchers for when salons can reopen their doors. Some salons are also looking at pre-payment options where clients are paying for their future appointments now prior to reopening after lockdown.

Engage, engage, engage

Remember it is essential to keep a close eye on your relevant social channels to check if you have messages, comments or likes etc. Make sure you are responding to them all!

Do a live!

Do not be afraid to go live on your Facebook page or IGTV. It may seem daunting at first, but your clients want to hear from you as we mentioned earlier! It does not have to just be about hair. Video is very engaging and a fantastic way to get across messages and talk to your audience. Think outside the box with your content, for example why not talk about some funny salon stories, talk about your team. Share a favourite recipe. Tell your audience three things that they may not know about you!!

Social media has never been so effective, use it wisely but most importantly enjoy it!