Team Connection and Motivation

Team Connection and Motivation

Right now, during this period of being apart, it is important for you as owners and managers to keep an eye on your team and help them stay connected and motivated.

You should make sure that you are dedicating time during the day to allow your team to connect, share ideas and talk about any personal matters they are facing during the pandemic. Start scheduling check-ins with your team so you can touch base with one another and make sure you are all doing okay. This can be done via video calls, Zoom catchups, Whatsapp groups or one-to-one calls with each employee.

Isolation and uncertainty can be hard on some yet easy for others, but by being there for each employee when they need it will help you all get through this crazy period and bring you out as a stronger unit on the other side.

Team bonding and motivation ideas:
Fitness and Wellness Sessions

Have you got a team member who loves exercise, say Yoga, Pilates or some form of activity you can do easily at home? Or what about meditation and mindfulness? If yes, why not get team members together for an online workout/wellness session? This could be a daily morning routine or a weekly event – think Wellness Wednesdays perhaps. It’s a great way to come together and help each other stay relaxed and healthy.


As a team you all have different skills in different areas, so why not share these whilst in lockdown. Carry out some fun education classes online and learn from each other. If you have doll heads at home, share new up-styling skills or bridal looks. No dolls head. Why not rope in a family member if they’re available to practice on? Do you have a master colourist in your salon? If so, share colour knowledge and new techniques. Get those skills and ideas flowing so you are ready as a team for when those salon doors reopen.

Virtual Happy Hours

Did you often have team drinks in the pub, well why not bring the pub to you – kind of! Maybe you all got together on a Friday after work for a drink and catch-up – then simply replicate online. Add a game to make it fun, or just get together as a team at the end of your week over a glass of wine to see how everyone is doing. If it were something that was important to you before as a team, then mirror that now online. It’s a great way for team members to not feel so alone and can be meaningful to them. Your virtual happy hour doesn’t have to be about alcohol either. It can be a lunch break or a morning brunch/coffee break!

Bake Off Sessions

Are you a team that loves a good home baked cake or cupcake? Why not get together online and host a baking session to share ideas and recipes. You could bake together with one as the teacher and others learning, or you could host your own bake-off competition. You won’t be able to taste test, but you can certainly share your creations via Whatsapp or a text group.


To boost morale and creativity, why not hold weekly competitions with your team. You could carry out trivia quizzes, hair-up/avant-garde competitions (who can create the craziest looks – bonus points for involving a family member)! Team pop quiz – how well do you think you know each other! The list is endless with ideas, and there are numerous quiz questions you can find online to help you out. There could even be a prize for the winner. Maybe something new for their kit bag, some products, a voucher, or a home delivered meal of their choice!

These are just a few ideas to help you and your team to stay connected over this period of isolation and lockdown. Right now, as an owner and management, it’s important to be really honest about how you and your team are feeling, and let them know that it’s okay to not feel okay and that you are there to help support them through this. The good that you can get out of this pandemic is a stronger and more bonded team – one that survives this period together; and that in turn that will make for a stronger, more successful salon.