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Welcome to our ECO Hub! A sustainable and recyclable box of goodies to help you on your eco and environmentally friendly salon journey.
We've teamed up with some of the biggest pioneers in the ethical salon sphere to help bring you advice and tips on things you can do in-salon right now! Our ECO Salon Ambassador is none other than 'Green Queen', Karine Jackson. Karine will be helping us fly the flag for all things ethical in salons, covering what’s good for the environment (and your profits), and creating a blueprint for salons to go plastic-free. Over to Karine...
To find out more on our ECO Salon accreditation, head this way!

I am delighted to be the new Ambassador for Good Salon Guide’s ECO Salon accreditation. Working sustainably is a subject that’s been close to my heart since I can remember and more so than ever now - I am Australian and to watch Australia burn rips at my heart.

The more salons I can get the message to regarding working more sustainably, the happier our planet will be. And me of course! I introduced organic colour to my salon nearly 20 years ago and it was so niche, everyone in the industry thought I was mad, but the clients loved it and word soon spread, bringing me lots of new clients for whom ethics mattered. Now, clients really do expect their salon to be trying to be sustainable and the truth is, it’s good for business!

Sometimes it is just the simple little tweaks that will result in big changes. Don’t look at sustainability as overbearing and all-consuming, baby steps are what will get you on your way. Reduce your water consumption, don't overuse the tumble dryer, ban single use coffee cups and water bottles for yourself and in-salon. Look at what you use - do you need to buy that product wrapped in single use plastic? Do the salon colour challenge: collect all the leftover colour in your salon for a week (no naming and shaming) and see what you end up with - it will shock you and this is where you can start on your journey to being more sustainable. To start with, I’d really recommend you read or download Turning The Tide On Plastic by Lucy Siegle, it’s absolutely brilliant to get you thinking about what plastic you use and how it’s become so prevalent.

These are some of the changes I’ve made to date in my salon:

  • Bottled water for clients - swap to Brita filtered water in glasses
  • Bottled water/takeaway coffee cups for the team - swap to reusable bamboo cups with lids
  • Freely running water at the backwash – swap to Ecoheads shower heads
  • Cotton towels – swap to EasyDry disposable towels
  • Plastic retail bags – swap to paper or canvas bags, or encourage them to bring their own or pop purchases into their handbag
  • Toilet paper - swap to plastic free toilet paper made from sustainable bamboo with 100% recycled packaging
  • Salon tissues – swap to 100% recycled tissues with no plastic packaging
  • Cut flowers – swap to potted plants
  • Single use cleaning products – swap to refill cleaning products
  • Printed price lists – swap to price lists online

Look out for my sustainability seminars or if you want to get together with other salons for a private seminar, get in touch.

I really am looking forward to working with Good Salon Guide in helping us all to make a difference. Remember Use Less, Waste Less (#uselesswasteless)

For more tips follow me on IG @karinemjackson