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Good Salon Guide Magazine

The word photography comes from two ancient Greek words: photo for ‘light’ and graph for ‘drawing’ – ‘Drawing with Light’. Today photography has become a powerful means of communication and a mode of visual expression.

When the photographer and hairstylist come together, the camera becomes an extension of the stylist’s eye and mind, capturing and creating beautiful artistic creations.

The Good Salon Guide bi-annual magazine is a celebration of that collaboration. A portfolio of beautiful photographic work which has been sent into us by some of our Good Salon Guide salons.


Spring/Summer 2022                     Autumn/Winter 2022

Autumn/Winter 2020                     Autumn/Winter 2021

Spring/Summer 2019                     Autumn/Winter 2019

Spring/Summer 2018                     Autumn/Winter 2018

Spring/Summer 2017                     Autumn/Winter 2017

Spring/Summer 2016                     Autumn/Winter 2016

Spring/Summer 2015                      Autumn/Winter 2015