How to Avoid Orange Patches when Tanning?

How to Avoid Orange Patches when Tanning?


I love to use fake tan, as who doesn’t like a nice golden glow? Anyway, I often find that the tan builds up in places and gives that awful orange/brown patch. What is the best way to apply my tan and maintain it to stop these awful patches from happening?

Thank you!

Sammy, Newcastle

Hi Sammy,

I’m here to help and advise you! I always apply a body scrub prior to applying fake tan, I also would recommend you apply moisturiser to your feet, hands, elbows and knees, tan tends to stick to dryer areas on the body so this will reduce the patchy look you’re getting. Happy tanning! I have no doubts that this advice will really help you!

Chantal , Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon