My Brows Are Looking Sparse!

My Brows Are Looking Sparse!

Hi there!

I have a quick question about my brows! The beginning of my brows is a little sparse looking, as in there are gaps in the hair. What would you recommend in how I can fill out my brows, I’m a little confused in the best product to choose that will give me the best results? Would a salon treatment help with this?

Thank you so much in advanced,

Carly, Swansea

Hi Carly!

Happy to help, I would highly recommend you try tinting for your brows, this creates a perfect brow and hides any gaps you may have in your brows. You can choose your shade from a lighter colour right through to very, very dark. For any tinting treatments you would be required to do a patch test 48 hours prior to your brow appointment. Your therapist will go through your treatment with you. Allow 15/20 minutes and you will have the perfect brows.

Chantal, Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon