Can I Go A Vivid Colour From Brunette?

Can I Go A Vivid Colour From Brunette?


I have dark brunette hair, but I often see on Instagram – yes, I know it’s not always reliable – these fantastic vibrant colours like blue, orange, and yellow etc. As a brunette, is this possible for me? Or would trying to go these colours be too risky and will cause too much damage?


Julia, Southampton

Hi Julie, it's nice to see you are aware that a lot of images on social media these days can give false expectations due to being photoshopped and enhanced. As a fellow dark brunette and a lover of vivid hair colour, I have a handful of vivid hair clients who've been with me for many years. Embarking on a journey towards vivid hair colouring is something a professional can advise and discuss with you in depth in a consultation. There are many factors to take into consideration as you mentioned you’re a dark brunette and the brighter the hair colour the lighter the base you need to apply it upon. Therefore, if you’re looking at bright vivid blues and yellows then the best base for these are clean blondes with no warmth in the hair. This will require your hair to be pre-lightened in a controlled manner using the correct products and may take many visits to achieve a perfect canvas. As a brunette, red and copper can look very striking and would be more achievable and less damaging. Also costing and upkeep is something that is a major factor, it's a costly process which takes time and skill to make sure the hair’s condition is not compromised and is kept in the best possible condition moving forward. Maintenance is also very demanding if you’re looking at going all over with a vivid colour, with appointments recommended between 4-6 weeks and no longer due to the regrowth being harder to lift. The longer the gap between appointments, the harder it is to lift and so banding can occur etc. Potentially block panels and balayage might be more suitable and less of a commitment. Home maintenance is something that would have to be adhered to, as this will enable you to have more longevity to your colour. Due to being pre-lightened first there is a potential fade element if correct products are not used, but there are great products tailored to your needs which you can top up in-between visits.

Do some research on your local salons and check out their social media to see if they have vivid work and colour expert status etc. Then book a consultation and take along inspiration pics of the colours and discuss the options available. Here's wishing you a colourful 2022!

Kelly, Technocracy Hair