Growing Out Bleach And Going Grey

Growing Out Bleach And Going Grey


I have very dark brown hair and I’m going grey, which I’m trying to embrace and grow it through. I’m also growing out bleach, which has gone like an orange colour. I had this done about 10 months ago. I would like to know if the orange colour can be corrected, and I can have it bleached white and have toners over it to blend in with my grey coming through?

I don’t want to be as dark as my natural colour because I feel like it’s ageing me, even though I’m 54.

Any advice would be great!

Thank you, Jeanette, Shrewsbury

Hey Jeanette,

This is something we do regularly yet is dependent on your hair condition and how precious you may be on your current style. There’s an amazing celebrity stylist in California called Jack Martin (@JackMartinColorist – Instagram), and for the past few years he has focussed on embracing salon guests and celebrities to their natural glory of steel greys and illuminating silvers, and this could be a great place for you to look for inspiration.

With regards to your current orange tone and growing out your past lightener experience, this is something which can be rectified; however, I would advise for you to seek a blonde specialist who are used to working with pigments and neutralising colours. The specialist will be able to recommend tone and depth using your skin tone and natural colour as a starting point, creating a multi-dimensional grey oppose to something mono-tonal. Your face-to-face consultation will also entail a tailored plan and set you on the right path. Also, so you are aware, you may require a haircut to remove any brittle and damaged hair. However, one thing I would recommend is that you book in your next few appointments with your stylist and create a six weekly regime to help maintain healthy hair before, during, and after your colour journey. Your stylist will then advise any homecare.

Natural white/salt & pepper can often feel coarse and dry, it can also make you look drained. But wait we have the answer to battle this, our guests who have taken this route have regular hair smoothening and softening treatments and tonal glossing to amend tone and depth without commitment of colour. These are some ways which will improve the hair texture and give you a smoother result.

Hope this helps,

Matthew-Anthony Whiting, M-A Hairdressing