My Blonde Has Turned Yellow!

My Blonde Has Turned Yellow!


I have light brown hair and a month ago I decided to go for a light blonde ombre, which ended up being a disaster! Rather than having a smooth blend between the two colours, now I have a terrible line above my ear level.

As it was such an intense ‘yellow’ blonde I decided to fix it on my own rather than go back to the hairdresser. I used Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy 75 Light Ash Brown, which made the blonde a very nice dark ash blonde, but unfortunately the line is still visible.

Would you be able to advise on what colour or technique I should go for in order to blend both colours? I would still like to keep the dark blonde on the edges.

Thank you in advance!

Silviya, UK

Hey Silviya,

We would suggest a hair specialist to help blond your colours, you may require more technique applied to break up the balayage. (This sounds more un blonde and ombre) you could expect a halo of baby lights and a gentle blush technique to soften or banish the line.

You could continue to colour the line but unfortunately you could end up causing more lines or worse banding and this would end up with a colour correction.


M-A Salons