My Hair Has Been Damaged By Bleach!

My Hair Has Been Damaged By Bleach!


I had my hair bleached to a very vibrant, clean blonde by someone I now know was not qualified to do so. My hair is damaged and parts of it are completely broken. I am so angry and heartbroken at what has happened. Please could you advise me on how I can get my hair into some sort of healthy state so that I can in the future head back to a salon for a colour.

Thank you and desperate for your help!

Anna, Woking

Bonjour Anna, you explained your hair is brittle and damaged due to chemical lightening which can be devastating. We’re so sorry to hear this; we want to help so our recommendations would be:

1. A haircut - we know how important length and colour can be. Yet if the hair is severely impacted and without removing the damage this could become worse.

2. Invest in treatments - KeraStraight is one of our go-to products for moisture and protein with severely damaged hair, and new guests never look back. KeraStraight strengthens, hydrates, and smooths the hair whilst eliminating frizz. Depending on the length, costs start around £200, and the results last for about 3 months.

3. Products – Replenish with Olaplex. Now, Olaplex wont reverse hair that has gone too far, but it will rebind and structure the hair internally giving you softer and malleable hair. A great step in the right direction.

4. If anyone recommends you colouring your hair darker because it’ll make your hair better, I will strongly advise against this, as this will not change the condition of your hair. The best route to staying blonde is to visit a very highly qualified salon.

Matthew, M-A Hairdressing