My Ombre Has Gone Wrong

My Ombre Has Gone Wrong


My natural hair is a medium brown, but I've dyed it black a few times, so I let it grow out for about four-five months so I could put blonde through it, and it wouldn't completely go orange-copper on me.

I tried the Ombré look which the hairdresser failed at, so the second hairdresser I went to did a half head of foils. My roots went blonde, my tips stayed a copper- orange colour, and my hair turned to jelly with most of it falling out!

She then put a brown over it to try and save some of it. I left it two-three months and then had a full head of blonde foils done. My hair went blonde on the roots with the ends staying a little copper.

I can't afford to go back to a salon, if I dye my hair blonde all over will it go orange?

Thank you,

Kacey, Newcastle

Hi Kacey,

As a professional colour expert registered with the GSG we are educated to deal with complex colour corrections as yours is. My best advice for yourself is do not attempt this at home, it really needs a professional who can carry out a thorough consultation and take test strands to give you detailed and specific advice.

I totally understand that sometimes it's a costly process visiting a salon, but that shows we have invested in our training, are qualified to the best level, and will never carry out anything that will jeopardize the condition of your hair. Also, something which may help you is to enquire with your local GSG salon or local college if they are looking for models for their junior stylists - this could be of benefit to you and them.

I hope this helps,

Kelly, Technocracy Hair