Transistion To Grey From Brunette

Transistion To Grey From Brunette


I am a natural dark brunette, but at 43 I am now noticing a lot of greys at my roots. I usually have an all over colour to cover these roots – the colour is the same as my natural dark brown. I am thinking now that I might want to start the transition to grey – be it a nervous transition. What is the best route for my to do this please? Would lightening it at my local salon help, or are there other ways to blend out the greys?

Thank you for your help and advice!

Nina, Wickham

Hey Nina,

So firstly, you have a lot of white hair which is why your debating going grey. In my opinion this would depend on your percentage of white and what expectations you may hold. Changing your colour to grey is a journey and may take some time with you being naturally and artificially dark in hair colour. To lift this colour at a salon you will experience and reveal a lot of warmth, this is a process that can’t be skipped, and you must be aware.

We would advise to gently cleanse your hair at a professional hair salon, one with experience in lightning would be beneficial. Or seeking consultation with a master colourist for more advice.

A great way to naturally grow out hair and something we do a lot of is colouring with semi-permanent hair which camouflages up to 30%. Oppose to covering, you could also then add soft luxe lights to break up the depth to create a more seamless root blend.

Amy, M-A Hairdressing