My Hair Texture Seems To Be Changing!

My Hair Texture Seems To Be Changing!

Hey there!

I am 33 and recently I have notice that my hair is feeling very fine. I don’t think it is thinning, but the texture has changed over the years. Is this a natural thing for hair to do or should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to give a boost back to its more former, fuller glory?


Sianna, Plymouth


I would recommend visiting a local Nioxin salon or a trichologist, this way someone will be able to have a good look at your scalp, growth, and hair condition, but this could be caused by several things e.g., medication, hormonal changes, and even stress.

Salon guests we have that also experience a similar impact within their hair texture, we find Nioxin has really helped strengthen the inner hair structure especially vellus hair around the hairline. Nioxin comes in different levels of moisture to cater to everyone’s personal hair specification needs. One of our favourite Nioxin products is the Sandalore Anti Hair Loss Treatment, after one month of use you see up to 30% less hair loss, 2 months up to 50% and so on. This works by anchoring the hair into the scalp to prevent hair loss. We do recommend using a treatment such as Nioxin Density Protect Mask at least once a week to help strengthen finer hairs by 98%.

Have you had Covid-19? If so, my brother Matthew had severe hair loss after catching the virus, and after a few months of prescribed folic acid the shedding stopped.

Amy, M-A Hairdressing