How Can I Make My Waves Last Longer?

How Can I Make My Waves Last Longer?

Hi there, I have quite straight hair with a very slight kink to it. I love the wavy look, and so I use a wand to create waves. The waves look fab, but they drop out almost instantly. What am I doing wrong, and how can I make them last?

Thank you!

Zoe, Colchester

Hi Zoe,

The wavy look is very popular, and as someone who has naturally poker straight hair I totally understand. There are a few tips you can try to get hold and longevity to your style.

Product is a must, as you must have the foundations to build upon. I would recommend using Osmo’s Extreme Volume range. There are three products which include a Root Lift Spray, Thickening Cream (my personal choice), and a Mega Styling Foam. Apply these following the directions, and then blow-dry your hair. I would suggest not blow-drying it so the hair is sleek and straight, but as you have a slight natural kink this can benefit towards maintaining the hold if you can keep some natural texture.

I always find I get the best results on day two after washing my hair, as when it's freshly washed it doesn’t hold as well. Prior to waving make sure you section the hair rather than taking big sections and wrapping the hair around the barrel, when adequate time has passed, unwrap the hair off the wand but try and cup the hair in the palm of your hand and hold it there whilst it cools before moving onto the next section. If you can purchase some small metal clips, then you can secure each curl back up towards the scalp and secure it there as you move along. This will allow the hair to fully cool down into the shape you have created. Once all the hair is completed then I would mist over Osmo Extra Firm Hairspray before removing the clips. I would then spray in Osmo Matt Salt Spray into the root for that gritty beach texture, using a wide tooth comb to loosen the wave and create the shape you want. Hope this has helped you and you achieve a beautiful finish with longevity.

Kelly, Technocracy Hair