My Hair Gets Greasy So Quickly!

My Hair Gets Greasy So Quickly!


I have an issue with my hair becoming greasy very quickly. I wash my hair, I leave it to dry naturally, but the next day it looks greasy and limp. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have – I would say – normal to fine hair, and I use just a normal retail brand shampoo and conditioner for normal hair (I don’t want to say the brand in case I am not allowed, but you can buy this brand in any shop). I am starting to think I need to up my haircare routine and use more tailored products. Would you recommend that this is the case?

Thanks so much,

Emma, Manchester

If you suffer from greasy hair and scalp, we recommend starting to use a good quality shampoo to balance the PH levels in your scalp and control excess oils. We love Redken's Clarifying Shampoo. Use tepid water when shampooing and avoid scrubbing the scalp, just massage it in. Scrubbing can over-activate the glands and can cause hair to become greasy very fast. When you are using conditioner, don't use it on the scalp - keep it to mid-lengths and ends! On the second day, you can start using a dry shampoo - Moroccan Oil's one is great! Spray into the roots, and it will keep a greasy scalp at bay. 

The Cyril Morgan Team