Why Are My Roots So Frizzy?

Why Are My Roots So Frizzy?


I have recently noticed that along my roots my hair is quite fuzzy looking. I pulled one of these fuzzy strands and it’s quite short, as in it’s broken! I don’t often wear my hair-up, it’s straight and long and often worn down. I do use heat tools though. Why would I have these little fuzzy strands and how can I get rid of them?

Thanks so much,

Katie, Woodbridge

Hi Katie,

This could be many things but the most common is lack of moisture. During the winter months hair can become brittle and frizzy because of environmental issues and dry heat such as radiators and air conditioning. To help tackle your short strands, these would most likely be natural regrowth, our hair naturally has a cycle of maturity anagen. This is the growing phase, catagen hairs transitional phase, and telogen which is the shedding with over 100,000 hairs on average and the loss of 50/100 daily it could just be a natural occurrence that you’re noticing.

Just ensure during the use of heated tools you use the relevant styling products for protection. You have a moisture rich shampoo and treatment. One other thing to look at would also be your heated appliances. Ensure they glide and don’t tug or nip when used as this could cause breakage

Matthew, M-A Hairdressing