Why Is My Hair So Wispy?

Why Is My Hair So Wispy?


This could be a random question, but when I wear my hair in a ponytail, my hair is very wispy around the edges – it looks like I am permanently static, like I have been electrocuted hahahha!! What are these annoying wispy strands, and apart from slicking them down with product, how can I treat them to stop them from happening?

Thanks a million for your help,

Kiara, Belfast

Firstly, we would suggest getting a haircut to get rid of any dead ends. Your hair may be static from over drying it. The bonds in your hair need to be strengthened so start using a blow-dry product to protect your hair from heat. Colour Wow's Dream Coat Spray is a lovely leave-in treatment that is activated with heat when blow-drying and will leave your hair silky smooth. 

The Cyril Morgan Team