Hair For You

Hair For You

Good Salon Guide has partnered with Portsmouth College and HaHa Training to offer salons in the greater Solent Region only the opportunity to reopen their business with COVID Aware Status, Mental Health Training, and a Training Needs Analysis totally free of charge!!

COVID Aware Status from the Good Salon Guide is totally free of charge for three months (normally £150 plus VAT) and helps give your clients confidence that you are taking all of the right steps to keep them safe when you reopen. For further details on COVID Aware Salon Status click here and to apply for Covid Aware Status for three months free of charge click here. 

Through funding provided by Portsmouth College we can offer Mental Health First Aid Training worth £300 totally free of charge, helping you help your staff (and clients) through what is undeniably a growing mental health crisis. For more information please click here

Ha Ha Training can help you take on a new apprentice, qualifying you for £4000 for taking on an apprentice under 19 and £3000 for any apprentice 19-65. For more information on Ha Ha Training please click here or email Ha Ha Training here 

The team at Portsmouth College are on hand to provide you with a FREE, no obligation training needs analysis. The analysis will help you gain an understanding on the skills gaps that your salon may have and offer development opportunities that both progress and motivate your staff. The insight from the analysis will uncover opportunities for all, from free online courses, to apprenticeships and adult education courses. You will also receive valuable insight into the funding and incentives available to ensure that your team is developing, motivated and being the best that they can be for themselves and the salon!