Ensuring Client Confidence

Ensuring Client Confidence

Clients need to feel confident when choosing a salon for their hair and beauty services, so how does salon owner, Lou Lou Munro of Locks by Lou Lou Hair Boutique ensure this is possible for every client?

Read below for Lou Lou’s advice that she gave to Good Salon Guide UAE’s Nikki Weston-Grant…

Our main objective at Locks By Lou Lou Hair Boutique is to ensure our clients feel comfortable while having their services, and gaining trust is the key to achieving this. I always advise all my team to be open and confident with the client, as an understanding between each person helps to deliver customer satisfaction.

Our body language can speak louder than words, so always use that to reflect your self-assurance and confidence to others by standing tall and making eye contact. Greet your client with a firm handshake, and as you start your conversation, project confidence in your ability to assist and advise. Speak the truth when listening to what the client wants to achieve with their hair and deliver your best advice.

Make sure your consultation covers everything and repeat the client requests back to them. This ensures you both agree on the process you will follow, and she is assured you have understood her requirements.