05. Why you are Wrong About your Clients

05. Why you are Wrong About your Clients

A long time ago I went to a job interview and was asked “who is a client?”  I was young and naïve and gave the answer I thought was smart and clever.

“Everyone is a potential client”.

Not smart.

Not clever.

And oh so wrong.

If you think that everyone and anyone is a potential client think on this:  Is anyone with a credit card a client?  
What if that credit card is stolen and you get a chargeback from the bank after the ‘client’ has long gone?  
What if that ‘client’ complains about your services after the fact, even though you have done an exceptional job and demands a refund?

What if…

Not everybody is your client.  And quite frankly that may be a relief to hear. A relief because only you can determine who you want to come into your business and receive your services (and forget about human rights here, it’s not about actively discriminating based on race or creed), this is about your market and the ideal client you want to work with.

Your overall strategy in business is to attract the right type of buyers to you, establish a relationship with them, sell them a product or service that gives them value, and then continue to sell more of the same or something different until they die or move away (and even then you can still sell to them if they have moved - dead is a bit harder).

Attracting the right type of client means knowing exactly who your market is, you need to know who your ideal client is, where they hang out, what their interests are, what they eat for breakfast, their beliefs and their desires.

The more you know about your ideal client the more specific you can be in your marketing and target those people who are more likely to want your product and service, and appeal to their desires. You will also be able to repel those who don’t meet the criteria, who are time-wasters or not suited to you.

Not only does this give you clients that you like and want to do business with, which is very liberating, but with clear targeting you can be more efficient and discerning about where you are putting your money to buy these clients.

That is smart, and it is clever.

The way to work out your ideal client is to create an avatar of your ideal client, which I will share with you in the next article.

In the meantime have a think about the type of clients you like to deal with and the ones that give you The Rage.

I am sure you can think of some.



Next article...

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