08. Did I tell you the one about the Russian?

08. Did I tell you the one about the Russian?

Have you heard the one about the Russian woman who came into the salon and wanted her waist-length, thick, damaged hair changed from dull orange to a healthy creamy blonde?

And was prepared to sit in the chair for the day to get it?

Putting aside this may not be your ideal client, and the expectations may be too high, how much do you think she was prepared to pay? 

The answer is she didn't even ask what the price would be. She just wanted a solution to her problem – long, damaged, orange hair to long, silky, creamy-blonde hair. 

And she was prepared to do whatever was required for the convenience. 

The salon charged double their highest rate, and she didn't bat an eyelid. Then she asked if anyone knew the "best plastic surgeon in London" as that was where she was off to next. 

They should have charged 10 times the amount...

Not everyone buys on price. 

But you have probably been trained to believe that if you don’t compete with Jack Jones down the road and their prices, you’re not going to get clients in the door. 

Not only is this a pile of codswallop, it’s also the slow, but sure trip to the funny farm as you slowly lose your mind and your business. 

I’m going to say it again and keep this article short because this is a big concept, and we are going to be spending some time on it: 

Not everyone buys on price.

And next time I am going to prove it to you.

Think on.



Next article...

P.S. Madam is in the chair and I have hurried next door to the ‘corner store’ to buy some water.

I wish I could say that madam demanded it be Evian (which would have made a better story), but she didn’t. Evian was actually the only water the guy had left in the shop.

So madam got Evian.

Now this was the time, early on in the salon days when I the ‘Queen Bitch of Everything’ was ‘helping out’, learning about everything from the ground up – a bit like McDonalds. I was a bit put-out by the fact that I was learning to shampoo hair (it is an art-form all unto itself, you certainly know when you get a bad one), and my motto is – not born to serve.

But there I was, heating the bottle of water in the kettle to just the right temperature so that it could be poured over madam’s head…

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