13. The One Thing Your Competition Can’t Copy

13. The One Thing Your Competition Can’t Copy

Hairdressing and the beauty industry is a heavily commoditised market.

And what I mean by that is, a market dominated with undifferentiated products and services like shampoo or haircuts, characterised by a low profit margin.

Take for example haircuts. 

A lot of people supply haircuts so the choice of hairdressers is huge.  There are towns with 2, 3, 4 even 6 hairdressers on the same street, all competing with each other for clients, usually based on being the cheapest, and clients can buy on price if they choose.

One way to prevent this is to position yourself with a point of difference, and I’m not necessarily talking about a USP (a Unique Selling Point), like a quirky name, or that you serve the best coffee with a manicure.

Nope, that’s not going to position you as the go-to salon.  I am talking more about putting the one thing no one else has into your marketing and your business. 

Something no one else can duplicate, steal or copy.

Something more powerful than the brands you stock or your opening hours.

And that’s your personality.

When you put your personality into your business you suddenly change the ballpark, and you become a market of one.  

No one can compete against you and your offerings when you hang your personality on it.  And you can do this in many different ways. 

You can put your personality into articles like this one, or your monthly newsletter, or daily emails, or your website, and anything else you can think of. 

It can be uncomfortable to start with, but what's a little pain for long-term gain? And consider this:  If you are not going to be the face of the salon, pick someone who is. 

Selling is about a person, not a thing. 

When I started marketing my salon this way, my business partner Terry and I agreed that he would be the face of the salon, just because he was in there most of the time facing the clients. 

He was also a very colourful personality to have. 

Everything I wrote about in the salon’s emails, newsletters and sales letters were his stories.  I just put them into a readable format.  

And out of this, 101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser was born. 

Yip, an actual published book.

A book is a perfect example of positioning and differentiating yourself in your market.  A book written by you with your personality all through it can’t be copied by anyone else. It’s unique and helps you stand out from the ‘competition’.

And there is no reason why you can’t write one yourself.  But more on that next time when we look at the second part of Premier Positioning – Expert Status.



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P.S. Last time I told you I had found out Jaydyn was being deported for wounding someone’s soul. 

And if you think that sounds crazy, you would be halfway there. 

But I realised it probably needs an explanation, so here’s the shortened version of events that lead up to this pending deportation.

Jaydyn had been away on holiday to an exotic island location, and unfortunately, had an incident on the way to the airport to catch his flight home, whereby his phone and wallet slipped out of his pocket onto the back seat of the taxi, and it drove off without him and them being reunited. 

But no bother, he still had his passport and he borrowed a mate’s phone to cancel his bank cards. 

Not life-threatening but still a major pain. 

Then he got on the plane…

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