15. Do You Have The Courage To Take A Stance?

15. Do You Have The Courage To Take A Stance?

There’s a hotel owner in Ireland who created quite a stir on the internet. He refused to discount his hotel rooms when there was a big concert in town and accommodation was at a premium. 

The hotel owner even went on to berate the price-buyers and tell them if they wanted cheap accommodation, they could bunk up at the local shelter for homeless people, where they would get a bed, a meal, and probably fleas from the homeless dogs as a bonus. 

As you can imagine it created quite a stir. 

Enough to make the front pages of many newspapers around the world. 

And it doesn’t matter what you think of the hotel owner or the comments he made, it’s a stunning case of the last example of Premier Positioning I am going to give you: Polarisation.

Polarisation is the ability to take a position and stick with it, even though it means that not everyone will agree with you, or like you, or want to do business with you.

But as I have said in previous articles, you don’t care; you don’t want to do business with everyone anyway.

You want to do business with the right people, the people who are a best fit for you and your business. Your ideal client.

A more relevant example is to say that you will not accept anyone in the door of the salon who will not use your products.

That’s a tough stance to take but it benefits both you and your clients.

Here’s why: you know your products work (I’m assuming here that you have a quality service and products and you know that they work well - no cheap products that you cut corners with or 20-minute blow-dries that all look the same), and if your clients use your products they are going to see the results and love you.

When they love you they are going to want to come back for more.


If you are not prepared to use Polarisation you are going to have problems with the clients you should be trying to repel.

You’re going to end up having to fix their mistakes and damage, and listen to their complaints, or they’re just going to go elsewhere anyway.

Polarising potential clients beforehand acts like a filter. It lets the good ones in and keeps the bad ones out.

The beauty of Polarisation is that it is not hard. It’s closely linked to differentiation and putting your own personality in your business.

I’ll say that again, because it’s worth repeating: put your personality in and on your business.

People buy from people and your people are buying you.

And get this: it’s fun.

It’s much less effort than trying to be something you are not.

Or trying to be like other competitors.

In fact, even the idea of a competitor becomes redundant when you put yourself in your marketing, because your clients are no longer buying your thing, they are buying you.

And only you can sell you.

Ahh yes, the ‘S’ word. 


That little bitter biscuit is coming up in the next article. 



Next article...

P. S.  So Jaydyn has touched down at the airport and is about to get off the plane.  But we’ll leave him there for a minute as there is a little bit of background info you need to know. 

Usually when you are employed by someone in The Giant Sandpit, they have an allocation of visas they sponsor you with.  

It’s called a Residents Permit (RP) and without it you only have 30 days entry as a tourist each time you enter the country.  

It usually takes about 2-3 months to obtain the permit, with all the paperwork and health checks and so forth. So whilst you are working and waiting for the RP to be processed you have to leave the country after 30 days and come back in to get another 30 day tourist visa to remain. 

This is called the ‘Visa run’ and is usually a day trip to a destination 40 minutes flight from here and back. 

It’s pretty much a waste of a day but if you do it over a weekend it’s a great excuse for some mega shopping.   

And if you leave the country for a holiday within your 30 day tourist visa, the visa starts again from the day you return. 

More on that next time…

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