Recruiting and Rewarding Front of House

Recruiting and Rewarding Front of House

Managing the reception desk and front of house has often been interpreted as an unimportant role, where sometimes even an untrained assistant is left to sit on reception.

We have to understand that this is often the first and last impression that a client gets of the salon, so we have to ensure that this reflects the brand, the values and that the client promise is delivered

The Key objective of your receptionist is ‘Gap Reduction’. 

So-any gaps for the week need to be filled maximising productivity for the salon

When recruiting: create an ‘essential and desirable’ job list, ensuring that you are recruiting someone with the key qualities that you need: Target driven, excellent personal presentation, well organised, calm under pressure, flexible, and will balance the needs of the company and the client. Don’t pick a ‘frustrated’ stylist!

Receptionists should be targeted and rewarded against 3-key areas:

  • Salon takings vs target
  • New clients-as a % of total clients
  • Retention and rebooking

Create a ‘bonus pot’ which pays out a monthly sum based on the achievement of each of the three key targets.

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