Rewarding Managers

Rewarding Managers

I am regularly being asked about how a manager should be paid.

There is a lack of understanding about what a salon manager’s job really is, and poor communication between a salon owner and a manager in what level of performance is expected and the actual results that the manager is responsible for.

Everyone will focus on the activities that deliver the most benefit for themselves.

Too often, managers are rewarded with a higher level of personal commission on their own takings, in return for managing the salon.

This seems illogical, as every hour booked out of their column to manage others will ultimately cost them money in lost commission!

A far better way is to pay a slightly lower commission to the manager and a bonus based on the salon takings. I would suggest that this bonus is a % of net salon takings, which increases when the salon hits its target. Whether this is calculated weekly or monthly is up to the salon owner.

The other important part of this process is the writing of a clear manager’s job description containing the following items:

  • Key Objectives/Goals
  • Authority and Accountability
  • Customer Service
  • Staff Management and Culture
  • Procedures and Systems
  • Management Competencies

It is also important that the salon owner has a clear written job description that is different from that of the manager; otherwise there is an ‘overlap’ as the manager can be undermined when both undertake the same task, which results in confusion for the team and creates a culture of de-motivation.

Regular structured weekly or twice monthly management meetings must take place, with a formal agenda covering salon and stylist performance, staff issues, progress of goals and targets, recruitment and housekeeping issues. These meetings should be minuted with the minutes forming the basis for the following meeting.

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Simon Harris

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