Eva Proudman VIP Packages for Good Salon Guide Members

Eva Proudman VIP Packages for Good Salon Guide Members

The UK's leading trichologist, Eva Proudman is delighted to partner with Good Salon Guide to offer our members VIP benefits.

Eva delivers the only recognised training course in the UK for those professionals who want to provide hair loss services via their salon business. Eva also works closely with Rapture Hair Extensions - the brand of choice for high profile hairdressers including the award-winning Nick Malenko of Royston Blythe. Rapture are revolutionary extensions that are easy to use and deliver sensational results - there is absolutely no damage to the hair when using Rapture and a full head of hair can be applied within 45 minutes.

Eva's courses educate on every aspect of hair loss and thinning. Not only do the courses cover diagnoses, the causes of hair fall, breakage, thinning and diseases of the scalp, but they also educate on how to integrate a profitable and specialist hair loss business into a successful salon business, teaching skills that would be used during hair loss consultation and sharing knowledge on how to find the correct solution for an individual client. Eva recommends hair extensions, hair integrations, hair fibres, as well as a wide variety of hair loss products.

Courses Available:
Rapture Hair Extensions

Cost: £399 including VAT
GSG Discount: 10%

  • 1 Full days training for one member of the team and a full head of 10" hair extensions

Course Topics:

  • How to carry out an extension consultation to ensure client suitability
  • How to apply Rapture Hair Extensions
  • How to style, blend and cut Rapture Hair Extensions
  • How to remove Rapture Hair Extensions
  • How to reapply Rapture Hair Extensions
  • Aftercare for the client and the salon
  • How to price your Rapture Hair Extensions
  • All about Rapture - the hair, the bond, the aftercare and the opportunities

Product Discounts:

  • 10% discount on all orders
  • 15% salon discount for stylists and salon team only on their own hair extensions (we encourage them to promote Rapture by wearing them in-salon).
  • Quarterly salon incentive for best Rapture product performance (must achieve a minimum of £500 per month). The winner receives a free set of Rapture Hair extensions (maximum of four packs in either 10 inch or 16 inch lengths).


Postiche Lite Hair Volumiser

The Postiche Lite Hair Volumiser provides a unique hair loss solution for anyone with very fine, thinning or male/female pattern baldness.

Cost: £450 including VAT - A one day course including kit and first volumiser is £450 including VAT, free marketing material and promotion via www.hairlossnetwork.co.uk
Course Discount: 10%
Course Details:

  • Product background and development
  • Identifying suitable clients
  • Full client consultation
  • Application, including cutting and colouring techniques
  • Maintenance
  • Removal and Reapplication
  • How to price and integrate with core salon services such as cut and colour
  • Promotional ideas
  • Added to Hairloss Network website

Product Discounts: 15% on all orders, Good Salon Guide members will automatically receive a priority listing on the Postiche Lite salon finder.


Commercial Influences in Wig Making

Cost: Individual modules can be taken for just £200 including VAT, with the full course of five modules costing £800 including VAT
Course Discount: 15%
Course Details:

  • A newly developed course in partnership with ITEC for 2016, this Level 2 certificate can be taken as individual modules or as a full five module course, the choice is yours.
  • The history of Postiche, preparing raw hair, single knotting and two string wefting are all covered within this course, as well as the commercial influences which will help you to understand how to develop, promote and build a successful wig and added hair solutions business.

Product Discounts: Qualify as a trade partner with access to trade discount on acrylic wigs, subject to financial references, discount up to 30% on retail price list.

Good Salon Guide members will feature on our social media: before and after imagery, blogs, and we will promote any trichology clinics that they partner with us on.

For more information on these courses and to book your place, click here: Eva Proudman / Rapture