Employing Younger Workers

Employing Younger Workers

Most salons will end up employing people under the age of 18 at some point, and when this happens there are special rules you need to follow.

Employing Children

Children aged between 13 and 16 don’t pay National Insurance, so you only need to include them on your payroll if they earn more than their Personal Allowance (April 2018: £11,850). There are several restrictions on when and where children are allowed to work. Children are not allowed to work:

  • Without an employment permit issued by the education department of the local council, if this is required by local bylaws (not all councils require one, but it’s worth checking in your local area). It may invalidate your insurance should you not hold the correct licence
  • During school hours
  • Before 7am or after 7pm
  • For more than one hour before school (unless local bylaws allow it)
  • For more than four hours without taking a break of at least one hour
  • In any work that may be harmful to their health, well-being or education
  • Without having a two week break from any work during the school holidays in each calendar year

During term time children can only work a maximum of 12 hours a week. This includes:

  • A maximum of two hours on school days and Sundays
  • A maximum of five hours on Saturdays for 13 to 14-year-olds, or eight hours for 15 to 16-year-olds

During school holidays, 13 to 14-year-olds are only allowed to work a maximum of 25 hours a week. This includes:

  • A maximum of five hours on weekdays and Saturdays
  • A maximum of two hours on Sunday

During school holidays 15 to 16-year-olds can only work a maximum of 35 hours a week. This includes:

  • A maximum of eight hours on weekdays and Saturdays
  • A maximum of two hours on Sunday
Young Workers

A young worker is someone under 18 years of age. In England only, young people who do not hold a Level 3 education training qualification are required to stay in at least part-time education until they are at least 18 years old. This could be an apprenticeship.

Young workers age 16 and over need to be paid the National Minimum wage at the correct rate and do need to be included on your payroll.

Key points to remember:
  • Young workers are entitled to two days off per week
  • A daily rest break of 12 consecutive hours. This is between starting one work day and the next - salon’s can fall foul of this with late night opening
  • A rest break of at least 30 minutes if the working day lasts more than 4.5 hours

There has been a great deal written and said about Age Discrimination, however you shouldn’t directly ask how old someone is or ask leading questions related to the same point. However once you have employed someone then you may need to ask their date of birth to make sure you comply with the rules.