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Business Facts Sheets




GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation


Hiring Staff -

Staff Recruitment  
  Employee References  
  Employment Contracts  
  Rent a Chair  
  Employing Younger Workers  
  National Minimum Wage  

Managing Staff -

Employment Policies - Employee Dress Code and Appearance
    Rest Breaks
    Maternity UK
    Maternity and Paternity Ireland
    Workplace Pensions
    Severe Disruption Policy
    Changing an Employee’s Contract and Flexible Working
  Managing Staff Communication  
  Managing Staff Performance  
  Staff Appraisals  
  Managing Sickness and Absence - Absence and Personal Records
    Fit/Sick Notes
    Sickness Pay 
  Managing Mental Health  
  Staff Retention  
  Equality - Age Discrimination
  Ex-Staff and Non-Complete Clauses  

Disciplining Staff -

Managing Difficult Staff  
  Keeping Records and Conducting Investigations  
  Suspending Employees  

The Importance of Consultation


Skin and Scalp Testing -

Skin and Scalp Testing – The Process  
  Skin and Scalp Testing - Insurance  

Colouring on under 16's


General Salon Issues -

Risk Assessments  
  How to Inform your Clients off a Price Increase  
  Alcohol Licensing  
  Dealing with Complaints  
  Intellectual Property Rights  
  Making Tax Digital  

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