Kat Smith

Kat Smith

Grow Your Salon FAST: The Quick, Dirty and Uncensored Secrets to Effortless High-Street Domination Despite Cut-Throat Competitors, Insane Regulation and Obnoxious Clients.

It’s a lonely road being a salon owner, in fact being any business owner.

You make decisions on a daily basis that affect not only yourself and your income, but also the income of your employees, and those based on the products and services you decide to give to your clients.

You have a lot of responsibility and there is the constant worry of cash flow: where is the money coming from, and where is the money going.

Are you going to be able to pay the rent and suppliers on time?

Do you have enough stock? Is there too much sitting on the shelf?

Why is insurance so expensive?  And why don’t they cover the boiler breaking down in winter?

And you realise even though you know your trade, running a successful business is a lot harder, and no one really tells you what it is like.


I was a typical salon owner.

A month after I bought my salon, and after yet another successful day, I was standing on the escalator riding down to the underground trains in London, thinking smugly to myself:

It is so easy to make money having other people working for you, what a scam, I wish I had thought of this earlier, this is fantastic, it’s too easy.

Fast forward six months and it was a very different thought as I descended that escalator:

Why are we losing customers, why aren’t the staff doing their job properly, why is the landlord complaining about the music, how do I get more customers in the door? How do I pay the wages this week, when will I ever pay myself?

I had expected more.

But I fell into the trap of a typical salon owner thinking a nice-looking salon on a high street would just ‘attract’ an endless flow of the perfect clientele.

More clients.

Better clients

Clients who pay more instead of pissing and moaning and trying to shave and squeeze you for every penny they could.

And I, like you, thought the way to having a successful salon was just to have more clients.

Well I’ll let you into a secret.

It’s not.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful salons is always, always about the marketing.

But how do you successfully market your salon?

How do you go about getting more clients, or selling more to the clients you have, or raising your prices in one of the most competitive, cut-throat, commoditised industries on the planet?

It’s hard, right?

There’s so much information out there telling you to get more likes on your Facebook page, put your creative photos on Instagram, or tweet about what type of organic tea you are serving today.

But does it work?

How do you know?

What about selling more to clients?  No one likes a hard sell do they?

No one wants a product they don’t need, right?

And how do your really go about pricing a haircut or a manicure?

What everyone else charges? Less? A little more?

Not only do you have the day-to-day running of your salon to worry about, with the staffing, cleaning, clients, and suppliers’ issues to deal with, you also have to worry about how to build your business so that you can sleep at night.

A sound sleep knowing all the bills are covered, the wages are covered, the clients are happy, and there is a steady stream of them coming through the door.

Ahhhh, read that last sentence again.

Wouldn’t that be a great position to be in?

How would it feel to not have to worry about the bills, the wages and where to find new clients?

Imagine that financial freedom.

What would that mean for you?

Well what if I told you that you can have that financial freedom, and there are ways to get more clients, sell more to existing clients and sell your products and services at higher prices without losing customers?

In fact how you can sack existing, obnoxious clients and not lose money from your bottom line.

And although some of these ways take a little work, some are very simple, and others can be implemented straight away with instant results.

How do I know?

Well back on that escalator when I was panicking about not being able to meet the wages that week, and why I was working so hard and not being able to pay myself, I resolved to find out how I could turn it around.

So I went out and gathered information about how to market my salon, and I tried it, and tested it, and tweaked it, and tested it again.

And in the end I turned a failing salon into a highly profitable business.

A salon that was losing 9K in a year into a salon that made a profit of 72K in a year.

In the process I discovered this

There is a simple formula to growing your salon FAST.

But what I also found was there is a lot of general information about marketing and growing your business out there, but precious little information specific to growing your salon.

So I decided to sell my salon and do something about it.



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